Tristan Patigny (drums) discovered Zizalie (vocals) in 2010 performing in a Jazz Festival in Belgium and got a crush on her swing singing. He shyly asked her to join a Big Band he was involved in and be the singer of the band. Since then, the two musicians have increasingly grown to appreciate each other musically and have built a firm friendship. Zizalie met Pascal Michaux (piano, Hammond) as she was searching for a musician to replace her guitarist for a complete week of concerts in summer 2013, in Music Village Jazz club, Brussels. Pascal Michaux couldn’t play with her that time but listened to her swing and was intrigued to learn more about her. The funny thing is that Tristan Patigny and Pascal Michaux were very keen to play together for ages. Without knowing about it, Zizalie planned to make this trio and asked the two musicians who instantly agreed. In November, the trio started to play and discovered they matched wonderfully. The magic was here and the three experienced musicians quicky grabbed this chance. At the beginning of 2014 they recorded an opus of 6 tracks comprising Zizalie’s compositions arranged with her two partners and two Jazz Standards. They fortunatly were supported by a great classical recording studio in Belgium and performed on a Steinway & Sons as well on Pascal Michaux’s Hammond.

The pedigree of the musicians is rich and vibrant. Zizalie did a lot of Gypsy Jazz with her Jazz Sweet Jazz band but also recorded experimental music and was the leader of three projects that found their place in good experimental houses around the world (see Lucie Dehli).

Pascal Michaux began his career with Caterina Valente in the USA and there met Tom Jones in Vegas with whom he performed for years. He also played and recorded with Deborah Brown, Mark Murphy, Toots Thielemans, Matia Bazar, Anastasia, Maria Carey, Christina Aguilera and many others in Britain, Italy, France, USA.

Tristan Patigny is a famous Belgian drummer known for his swing and in demand by the most groovy musicians of the Belgian stage, including his brother Renaud Patigny (Boogie), Phil Abraham, Alexandre Furnelle, Jean Van Lint, Jean-Pierre Mouton, Yves Gourmeur, Jules Van Dijk, Gene Taylor, Sharrie Williams, …

When we dive into the swing of Zizalie+Pascal Michaux+Tristan Patigny and listen to the impressive interpretation of  “I’ll close my eyes”, we understand how long and rich the road has been for these three musicians and how intense are the “Sounds of Heart” they share with us.

C’est au festival de Jazz d’Eben-Emaël en Belgique que Tristan PATIGNY rencontre Zizalie. Il vient lui demander de rejoindre le Big Band de Floreffe en recherche d’une chanteuse. Zizalie accepte sans hésitation de faire un essai, consciente de la chance de jouer avec une telle formation. Dans ce cadre, les musiciens apprennent à se connaître et à s’apprécier. En 2013, alors qu’elle a accepté avec son habituelle formation une semaine de concert au Music Village de Bruxelles, Zizalie doit remédier au départ inattendu de son guitariste et part en recherche de musiciens pour le remplacer. Pascal MICHAUX ne jouera pas cette fois mais le contact est établi. Il écoute les enregistrements de Zizalie et aime son swing.

2014 devait être une année de jachère pour la chanteuse boulimique de projets, mais elle n’a pas su résister à la tentation de réunir et de chanter avec Tristan PATIGNY et Pascal MICHAUX qui rêvent de jouer ensemble. En Novembre 2013, la machine est lancée et fait sa première dans un concert à Visé avec Jan Van Lint comme invité à la contrebasse. Malgré les conditions difficiles, les musiciens trouvent presque instantanément leur son, la magie opère, ils comprennent la chance qui leur sourit et la saisissent.

Zizalie écrit des compositions arrangées par Pascal MICHAUX et Tristan PATIGNY.

A eux deux, les musiciens ont accompagné les plus grands noms du Jazz et de la musique populaire en Europe et aux USA. Dans le pannel de Michaux, on rencontre Tom Jones, Mark Murphy, Deborah Brown, Matia Bazar, Anastasia,Maria Carey, Christina Aguilera pour n’en citer que quelques uns et unes. Du côté de Patigny, on retrouve les grands noms de la scène du groove dont son frère Renaud Patigny ainsi que Phil Abraham, Alexandre Furnelle, Jean Van Lint, Jean-Pierre Mouton, Yves Gourmeur, Jules Van Dijk, Gene Taylor, Sharrie Williams, …

Le groupe enregistre ces “Sounds of Heart” dans le prestigieux studio de Luc Baiwir et combine les sons du piano et de l’orgue Hammond. Les 3 musiciens se vouent une admiration réciproque. Le résultat de cet envoûtement mutuel est un crû à parfaite maturité.


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